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speargun is great for spear fishing along barrier reefs and in coastal waters, you can land huge game fish, even when they are not biting. Spear fishing with spear guns is a fun recreational activity. It is actually an ecological friendly type of fishing there is as you leave nothing like lines or lures in the water.

Spear gun usually has three types: 1) In an elastic-powered spear gun, the spear is placed on a track and pulled back against rubber bands, stretching them and locking into place. Pulling the trigger releases the powerful rubber bands and fires the spear. 2) A pneumatic spear gun uses compressed air that is kept in the gun after firing, similar to that of a low budget air rifle. 3) A gas-powered gun uses CO2 canisters to fire the spear and the gas is released after each fire. And the least popular is the explosive charge spear gun, which uses a small explosive charge to fire the spear.

Also there are some instructions to use the spear guns:
1) Use a spear gun that is the right size for you. A long spear gun is more accurate due to the fact that the water doesn't slow a heavier spear and alter its course. However they are harder to load and handle under water.
2) Leave trigger safeties engaged. The only time you should release a safety is right before you shoot. Safeties can fail so keep your fingers away from the trigger until you shoot.
3) Load the spear gun under water and point away from other divers. Know where the spear gun is pointed even while you are relaxed or loading the spear gun.
4) Look past the fish before you shoot. Make sure your diving partner isn't beyond the target or anything else you might hit by accident. Spear lanyards can fail which will make the spear a runaway. Breathe in when you pull the trigger.
5) Go for a kill shot. The spinal cord or the prey's head will kill the fish or disable it quickly. Stab a knife in the brain to kill the fish instantly. Don't shoot any fish you can't handle. Large fish can drag you with the spear embedded or actually turn and attack. Only spear fish you plan on eating and take out of the water immediately.
6) Ascend to shallow water if the fish is fighting. Take slow breaths and stay calm.
7) Leave the water. If you need to discharge a spear, point in a safe direction.

Spear guns must operate in an unforgiving environment. Saltwater is very corrosive and will take its toll on all things mechanical, though spear guns are built to last under water, still care must be taken with it every time it is used. Salt water will cause a great deal of damage in just a short amount of time. Keep your spear gun in great shape by getting into the habit of going through short steps of preventive care. Inspecting and cleaning of your spear gun is important if you expect it to operate at the bottom of the ocean, your spear gun may be fail because of improper upkeep, so take good care of your spear gun and it will be ready when you find big fish.


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