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This diving accessory cannot be conventionally considered to be a weapon, diving knife is just a functional tool used for scuba diving. Such an item can prove to be invaluable in specific underwater circumstances. Essentially what this means is divers carry these items in anticipation of potentially risky situations, which many a times can involve great danger.

diving knife K25

dive knife
dive knife
dive knife dive knife
diving knife K25 diving knife K25

The primary objective of tagging along a diving knife like most seasoned divers would readily appreciate is to free yourself or even friend when you get entangled while underwater. Some diving gear such as fins, regulators and even pressure gauges can get caught in fishnets or even thick underwater vegetation. Which can present a lot of problems is you don’t have an effectual means of freeing yourself.

On the other hand, a diving knife can at times also be an excellent communication tool, while submerged beneath the sea. At one point or the other in your diving expeditions you may come across something that you feel other divers ought to be aware of. In such cases you can use your knife to make legible makings that can instruct others when they stumble onto such elements. You might also use this diving tool to alert your buddies of your exact location or presence when you are in a dangerous circumstance. Very few underwater sounds can equal the repetitive noise of a knife clanking on a diving tank, and you can be assured of getting timely assistance.

Diving knives come with different features that can be adapted to diverse utilization. For instance, many a high quality diving knife have 2 distinct cutting edges. One is usually smooth while the other can be serrated. The first alternative can come in handy when you find yourself entangled in a wild growth of underwater vegetation. While the serrated edge can be of much use when you need to saw through branches that impede you access to anything that may interest you.

It is also critical to select a product that offers optimal comfort and ease of utilization. To this end a bulky diving knife tends to encumber most divers. When it comes to the materials used in making these items, stainless steel and titanium alloy are the most prevalent. The first variety corrodes rather quickly due to the carbon content in it, but it happens to be the most pocket-friendly. Titanium alloy diving knives are noted for their unmatched durability, but are more expensive. carbides in the titanium alloy allow them to be heat-treated to a sufficient hardness. Titanium has a better strength-to-weight ratio, and more wear resistant and more flexible than steel. Whichever material you choose it is highly recommended to pick one that is well-suited to the utilization you have in mind.


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